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Yes Sir Oligarchia X Catch the Wind Acy


5 Rüden / 3 Hündinnen

Name Geschlecht HD ED
Catch the Wind Ivory Sky R
Catch the Wind Ivo R
Catch the Wind Iron R


Catch the Wind Indigo R A1/A1 frei/frei
Catch the Wind Iceman R
Catch the Wind Inspiration H B2/B1 frei/frei
Catch the Wind Indian Summer H C1/C1 frei/frei
Catch the Wind Indie H C2/C2 frei/frei


Ch Yes Sir Oligarchia Ch Jako's Nordic Charm Ch Tottelina Observer Ch Blakesley Cromwell
Ch Dream Max Pulp Fiction
Ch Jako's Amazing Grace Ch Rossmix Rugger
Ch Jako's Keep Smiling

Ch Vintage Oligarchia

Ch Dewmist Silk Symphony Ch Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
Ch Styal Silksilla
Ch Off Course of the Hellacious Acres Ch Sansue Hi'Land Storm
Buttons of the Hellacious Acres
Ch Catch the Wind Acy Ch Majik Truth or Dare Ch Majik Finders Keepers Ch Remington Razzle Dazzle
Majik Whiter Shade
Majik Vissi D´arte Delindas Sincerely Love
Majik Noblesse Oblige
Ch Catch the Wind Kir Royal Ch Daily Rays Catch the Wind Ch Lorinford Harlequin
Lorinford Hesperides
Ch Dynamic Stargleam Ch Lovehayne Darter
Amazing Grace Stargleam

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