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Thevenet Pure Passion X Catch the Wind High Hope


4 Rüden, 4 Hündinnen


Ch Thevenet Pure Passion Ch Vestafjell's Magic Elf Ch Jako's Nordic Charm Ch Tottelina Observer
Ch Jako's Amazing Grace
Ch Fenwood Elles Belles Ch Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell
Ch Ramchaine Green Glow By Fenwood
Thevenet Hacer Dulce La Sal Remington Ringmaster Ch Ritzilyn Brandon
Ch Remington Remember Me
Thevenet Vanidad Mistica Ch Thevenet Lord Of The Rings
Thevenet Diabolic Dreams
Ch Catch the Wind High Hope Ch B.B. King Oligarchia Ch Zampanzar Blue Note Ch Dewmist Silver Zampanzar
Ch Zampanzar Sky At Night
Ch Vintage Oligarchia Ch Dewmist Silk Symphony
Ch Off Course of the Hellacious Acres
Ch Catch the Wind Yoyo Ch Majik Truth or Dare Ch Majik Finders Keepers
Majik Vissi D´arte
Ch Catch the Wind Pebbles Nunsbrook Christopher
Ch Catch the Wind Jamie-Lee

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