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Tavasar Wheat Beer X Catch the Wind Now or Never


1 Rüde

Name Geschlecht HD ED
Catch the Wind Uriah Heep R B2/B1 frei


Tavasar Wheat Beer Ch Shardanell Talk O' The Town at Ipcress
Ipcress Sir Thomas Ch Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood
Ipcress Sky Blue
Lovehayne Scarlet Sage For Shardanell Ch Elswood The Highlander
Lovehayne Marcasite
Tamsbrook Tawnyday Lily Of Tavasar Marjamez My Guy at Rossgilde Ch Elswood The Highlander
Ch Gaineda Imperial Ice
Tamsbrook Tricia Rose Ch Auracam Benjamen
Tamsbrook Taras Theme
Ch Catch the Wind Now or Never

Golden Shenandoah Conqueror of the Heart

Ch Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood

Sansue Castallian

Perrimay Sea Harp

Ch Nunsbrook Desert Warbler

Ch Severy Bartholomew of Westley

Nunsbrook Just Jazz

Ch Catch the Wind Eternity

Ch Ritzilyn Man About Town

Ch Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien

Ch Ritzilyn Vivacity

Ch Styal Statonice

Ch Papeta Philosopher

Styal Sacharissa

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